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Our opinion: Share your photos with us

We’re well into summer and although COVID-19 continues to hamstring us in many ways, we are starting to open up and that means people are going to be getting out to enjoy the sunny days — hopefully with social distancing protocols in place.

As people get out and about more, we know cellphones will be out, clicking away as you all capture those special moments.

When you do that, we hope you will consider sharing those pictures with us so that we, in turn, can share them with the community.

We love to see and share those special moments, whether it’s a special recognition within a service club or a whopper of a fish. We want to highlight what’s good about our community.

When possible, we will always try to run photos on color pages so that those images you send will look as good as possible.

Send your pictures to photodesk@austindailyherald.com and please be sure to include all information relevant to the subjects in your photo, including — most importantly — names.

We look forward to sharing your happy faces on our pages.

And if you have any story ideas, please submit them through either our online submission form or to newsroom@austindailyherald.com.