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Happy, relieved local governments getting fair share of CARES fund

After waiting more than 90 days since Congress passed the CARES Act, I’m happy and relieved to see that local governments will finally receive their share of this funding.

Cities and counties are on the front lines of the pandemic response, and this funding will allow them to recoup some of the unexpected expenses incurred over the past several months.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on every corner of the state — even the areas that have not been hit by a wave of cases — and this funding will help local governments continue to deal with the public health crisis and start to revive their local economies.

I’m grateful that Gov. Walz decided to stick with the distribution formula previously agreed upon by legislative leaders. This fair and balanced plan will allow communities across the state to access much-needed funds very soon.

Audrey Nelsen

President, Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities