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Sandvik: ‘Ambulance will come for those showing COVID-19 symptoms’

Mower County Sheriff Steve Sandvik is urging those calling for an ambulance to report if they have COVID-19 symptoms after some have not done so for fear of the ambulance refusing to respond.

“We’ve been finding out from some of the medical providers that people calling 911 for medical reasons are afraid to say if they have COVID-19 symptoms thinking an ambulance won’t come if they think they have it,” he said. “We want people to understand they are only asking those questions to protect the first responders. They absolutely will come – it’s just a matter of making sure people are wearing the right equipment and have the right resources available. We will always respond, no matter what.”

“It’s alarming when you hear people report that they didn’t tell them they had a cough or a fever because they didn’t think the ambulance would come,” he added. “The ambulance will always come to help you when you’re in need. We want to make sure everybody is protected.”