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Our Opinion: Get your corrected grad tab

Graduation is a special time, filled with memories for the graduates themselves as well as their families.

Annually, we become a part of this when we publish our annual graduation special supplement, showcasing the graduating seniors from around our area.

Unfortunately this year we made a fairly glaring mistake, which you probably noticed on the very first page. Obviously, it is not 2019.

Above all else, we regret making this mistake, especially knowing how many people like to collect this section as a part of their graduating senior’s milestone.

While we recognize this mistake and apologize for making it, we are also working to fix this problem by running a second printing with the same cover reflecting the correct year.

If you would like the correct version, please send us your name and mailing address and we’ll send you a copy.

A special thank you to Shelley Thompson for helping us collect addresses and to spread the word of our reprint.