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Law enforcement warning of email scams

Law enforcement is continuing to warn about email scams after an increase has been reported around the country.

According to Mower County Sheriff Steve Sandvik, one of the latest scams reported in Mower County is an email phishing scam targeted at government and company officials. The intended official opens the email and clicks on a link that gives the scammer access to their contact list. The scammer then sends emails to people on the list urging them to purchase gift cards for company-related business. They are also asked to email pictures of the gift card and PIN numbers, allowing the scammers to get the information they need to use them.

Sandvik said that two cases of this scam were reported in Mower County. In both cases, the individuals bought gift cards, but realized it was a scam and did not send pictures to the scammers.

Sandvik advised that if you are asked to buy a gift card for anything in an email, do not respond to the email and contact via phone or in person the individual who you believe sent it.

Sandvik also reported that another common scam has been via an email that claims to be from a healthcare provider. In it, the victim is told that they have been exposed to the coronavirus and is directed to click on a link.

Sandvik stated that contact investigations are conducted by phone and that health officials will not contact individuals via email.