AHS announces high distinction graduates

Austin Public Schools has announce the high distinction graduates for the Class of 2020.

Seniors graduating with high distinction have earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.9 or above throughout their high school career. Those graduating with high distinction are honored at a celebration with their families.

As a part of this celebration they are asked to honor an educator who has made an impression on their education.

The governor’s orders did not allow for an in-person celebration, so a virtual celebration was created for these students, their families, and their honored educators. This has been shared with families.  A short video has been created for the Austin Public Schools website (www.austin.k12.mn.us) that shows the pictures of these students.

2020 graduates who have earned the honor of high distinction:

• Emily Bollum — honored educator Sue Conway

• Sydnee Brandt — honored educator Nick Connor

• Mya Burkhart — honored educator Mandy Leopold

• Chloey Camerer—honored educator Tieler Myers

•Rachel Christenson—honored educator Rhonda Alberts

• Ellen Eyre — honored educator Tammy Wiste

• Johanna Geannakouri—honored educator Jake Levisen

• Madison Herrick— honored educator Elizabeth Sundal

• Hser Htee— honored educator Joey Kretchman-Grande

• Ethan Johnson— honored educator Jamie Braaten

• Sophia Kvam— honored educator Jesse Smith

• Emma Lenway— honored educator Christoph Dundas

• Kathryn Lillemon— honored educator Brian Johnson

• Grace Mayer— honored educator Jamie Braaten

• Abigail Muller— honored educator Tony Einertson

• Trey Myers— honored educator Jer Osgood

• Fayth Nystel— honored educator Lisa Rueckert

• Morgan Raymond— honored educator Amanda Bremner Gilbert

• Lillian Reynen— honored educator Tracey Reynen

• Ariana Shapinsky— honored educator Lisa Rueckert

• Jacob Venenga— honored educator Tony Einertson

• Thomas Walker— honored educator Pete Walker

• Tori Watkins— honored educator Troy Watkins

• Robin Weaver— honored educator Jennifer Weaver

• Noah Zimmerman —  honored educator Dennis Schwab