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To ease burden, residents asked to not put out all recycling at once

As part of addressing concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, the Mower County Board of Commissioners suspended the county’s recycling program until May 4. Unless the board votes to extend the suspension, recycling services are expected to resume on that date.

But regardless of the date, those who participate in the program are asked to not put everything out on the curb or bring everything to the recycling center at once.

“If we can get the public to try to hold onto the material for a few weeks, filter it and put it out in a three to four-week time span instead of all at once, that would help a lot,” said Jeff Weaver, recycling coordinator at the Mower County Recycling Center. “If people don’t bring everything at once to the center, that would help with social distancing and keeping the volume down.”

Weaver said the biggest challenge with the suspension was getting the word out.

“We try to get the word out as best we can, but some things are not feasible,” he said. “I would say that 99 percent of the people are willing to listen and they get it. They thank us for keeping our employees safe.”

“I’m amazed that the public is so understanding,” he added. “I haven’t had one person dump their stuff outside the door of our closed facility.”

The county board has yet to announce any further suspensions; the board’s next meeting is April 28. However, when the recycling program begins again, Weaver said curbside pick-up will follow the regular schedule in place before the suspension of services.

By not placing out all recyclable materials accumulated over the suspension at once, residents can assure a smooth transition back into regular services.

“If 50 to 60 percent say they will do it that way, it will help alleviate the problem,” Weaver said.