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Showing appreciation

These are not easy times, but a pair of Subway employees Wednesday were trying to do their part to lift spirits and show appreciation.

Manager Marianne Fecker and assistant manager Brianna Ober waved to traffic going by the restaurant chain while dressed as Care Bears. Fecker held a sign that read, “Thanks for our paychecks!”

Photos of employees hang in the window of Subway.

“Without them, we would be closed up,” Fecker said, referring to the possible customers that zipped by.

The store was also highlighting their employees, showing them off to the public passing by with pictures laid over hearts.

Fecker said their store has felt the bump caused by COVID-19 as it has seen a drop in customers, but at the same time she was remaining upbeat as a car honked on the way by.

“We’re not the worst and besides, everybody needs a heart,” Fecker said, pointing to the heart at the center of her Care Bear outfit.