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Our Opinion: Look for the silver lining in stay-at-home order

Minnesotans — like people all over the world — have been asked to make many adjustments to their lives over the last few weeks in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The most recent adjustment came at the end of the day on Friday with the start of Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s stay-at-home order.

The order asks Minnesotans to limit movements outside of their home beyond essential needs, with the exception of outdoor activities, getting groceries or carry-out, and seeking emergency or medical services, among some other tasks. People who work in critical sectors during this time are exempt to perform the tasks of their employment.

The changes have forced people to slow down, which can be a big adjustment for many who were used to having a fast-paced lifestyle before this virus came into the picture. Not only is it a change of pace, but it also requires patience and endurance to transition to a different way of living.

Though it is definitely a challenge for most, we ask that in the coming weeks, you try to look at the silver lining of this situation.

Take advantage of the additional time you may get to spend with family at home to make memories, work on a few home projects you’ve been too busy to finish, pick up a book or get out and enjoy nature.

Take advantage of the time you may have to renew relationships both near and far via phone and internet.

There are lessons can be learned through every experience, so don’t forget to look for them at this time, too.