NAHL Central Scouting Launches Platform for Prospects to Share Game Film with NAHL teams

Published 6:59 pm Wednesday, April 22, 2020

DALLAS, TEXAS – The North American Hockey League announced a new initiative for prospects who are trying to play in the league called NAHL Virtual Scouting recently.

NAHL Virtual Scouting is designed to provide future hockey prospects the opportunity to use video and analytics to accelerate exposure directly to NAHL and NA3HL teams.

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The NAHL Virtual Scouting process focuses on providing education to the player and exposure of the player to NAHL and NA3HL junior teams. These two core factors are brought together in the NAHL Virtual Scouting process and give aspiring players the opportunity to get a head start on advancing their development as they strive to play hockey at the junior and collegiate levels.

The education component of NAHL Virtual Scouting is delivered in a 30-minute consultation with a professional member of NAHL Central Scouting reviewing the video and hockey analytics.

The exposure component of NAHL Virtual Scouting is by delivering the video, analytics and comments from the consultations directly to each NAHL and NA3HL teams.

“NAHL Central Scouting is all about getting more eyes on our prospective players,” said NAHL Director of Player Personnel Tony Zasowski. “Not only does this give future prospective players a virtual advantage during these uncertain times, but it allows NAHL Central Scouting to reach outside the walls of NAHL, NA3HL and NAPHL events.”

NAHL Virtual Scouting offers four different types of packages. Pricing is based on the number of game uploads and consultations the player choses.

Each package includes an InStat profile portal, a 30-minute consultation with NAHL Central Scouting, and the distribution of all the data to NAHL and NA3HL teams.

InStat, a service featuring a statistical platform that is an effective analysis tool for hockey players and coaches, will provide the analytical data for NAHL Virtual Scouting.

For more information on NAHL Virtual Scouting and how to get your Virtual Advantage, visit: