Letter: Supreme Court decision erodes American democracy

In spite of our partisan political climate, I believe in the promise of America: the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our forefathers built a foundation for a democratic republic: the idea that strong candidates with strong ideas will move our country forward. I’m disheartened by the damage done to that promise when the U.S. Supreme Court blocked an extension to Wisconsin’s Democratic primary.

Countries around the world are adapting to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Americans are adapting—businesses are adapting, workers are adapting, students and teachers are adapting. Almost everyone is adapting to the ongoing global crisis. Common sense says our political systems must be allowed to do the same. Even the U.S. Supreme Court adapted by meeting and voting remotely. Yet some members of the Court refused to allow the Wisconsin primary to adapt. Instead, the Court overrode Wisconsin’s decision to extend balloting for their primary.

The Court’s decision is a heavy rain threatening to wash away our nation’s foundation. What is the promise of America to the thousands of Wisconsin voters who were forced to choose between voting and the risk of COVID-19? Or thousands of absentee ballots that came too late? Or the thousands of ballots that arrived on time only to be thrown out by the omission of a postmark?

For Wisconsin, the promise is damaged.

Bennett Selchow-Hanson

North Mankato, MN