Street improvement public hearings on council agenda

The Austin City Council will hold public hearings on street improvement assessments during its next regular meeting.

2020 street improvements are planned at the following locations:

• 10th Street Northeast (Oakland Place Southeast to Second Avenue Northeast) and Fourth Street Southwest (Oakland Avenue West to First Avenue Southwest) with assessed amount of $139,883.07.

• Fifth Street Southwest (First Avenue to Fifth Avenue Southwest), Sixth Avenue Southwest (Fourth Street to Sixth Street Southwest) and Seventh Street Southwest (Fourth Avenue to Fifth Avenue Southwest) with assessed amount $164,179.06.

• Fifth Avenue Northeast (Oakland Place Northeast to 19th Street Northeast) with assessed amount of $175,424.67.

• Seventh Street Northwest (Eighth Avenue to 13th Avenue Northwest) and Ninth Avenue Northwest (Fourth Street to Eighth Street Northwest) with assessed amount of $201,919.23.

The rates will be assessed to adjacent property owners, who will have the option to pay as one lump sum or in equal installments over a 15-year period with an interest rate of four percent per annum.

Residents will have the opportunity to submit written objections to the assessment rates during the hearings. If objections are submitted, the council will adjourn the hearing and continue at a later date. Otherwise, the council will vote on resolutions declaring the costs and adopting the assessment rolls.

The council will also vote on the appointment of Oballa Oballa as the next honorary council member for May-July 2020.

Administrative Services Director Tom Dankert will lead a preliminary discussion on the 2021 Tax Levy during the council’s work session following the meeting.

The council will hold its next regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, March 16, in the City Council Chambers located in the basement of City Hall. The work session will take place in the conference room across the hall from the chambers immediately following the meeting.

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