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Parks and Rec putting programs on hold

Precautionary measures and guidance in relation to COVID-19 for public needs as they apply to Austin Parks, Recreation, and Forestry department are as follows:

Recreation: Until further notice, all activities for which registration and/or paid admission was regularly accepted for participation within Parks and Recreation facilities and other public buildings are temporarily suspended. This includes the ice arenas, organized indoor and outdoor parks and recreation activities, Izaak Walton Cabin, the Interpretive Center at Jay C. Hormel Nature Center, and Sola Fide Observatory.

Hiring for seasonal recreation positions such as coaching and those at the municipal pool is temporarily suspended.

Parks: Per the declaration by Gov. Tim Walz, which went into effect on March 17, there has been no determination on outdoor public spaces, so Austin’s public parks and the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center trails will remain open to the public. If you are not symptomatic and are otherwise healthy, you are encouraged to make use of parks, taking into consideration the advised social distancing guidelines.

Reservations for rental of pavilions, other facilities, and garden plots will be made available as conditions eventually permit.

Parks restrooms will be prepped with opening targets for mid-April. The actual opening date is to be determined. Parks maintenance will continue to be performed on city properties as need dictates and related staff are able.

Forestry: Forestry staff will still be working and available, trimming and removing trees from boulevards, parks, and other city properties as needed dictates and related staff are able. As with any other time, if you see branches, limbs, or trees which have fallen from city property which need to be addressed, you may contact the Parks and Rec office at 507-433-1881.

Please remember: The safety precautions which are set in place are as much about protecting others as they are about protecting you. So, as always, wash your hands, cover your mouth before you cough or sneeze, observe social distancing guidelines, and use common sense.