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Letter: Needing a representative to make a positive difference

A few months ago I attended Jim Hagedorn’s town hall meeting in Austin. I was disappointed in the one-sided nature of the gathering.

I thought it was supposed to be more of a listening event. How wrong I was! We were treated to long filibustering answers that really allowed no time for discussion or expressing constituent views.

In looking at his positions online and listening to him, he seems out of touch with his constituents in the areas of health care, prescription drugs, tax cuts for the uber-wealthy, corruption in Washington (where President Trump has been overflowing the swamp, rather than draining it), support for everything Mr. Trump does, including pulling out of the Iran agreement and the Paris accords.

He also doesn’t believe that Mr. Trump has done anything wrong in regard to bribing a foreign leader to get dirt on his projected main political opponent. Mr. Hagadorn even implied that God will take care of any global warming crisis so he sees no need to spend money on renewable energy resources such as solar and wind. Yet, he supports huge subsidies for the oil and gas industry.

We need a representative who doesn’t just trust in God to make the world a better place, but someone who believes in people making a positive difference in the world.

Jeffrey Ollman

Austin, MN