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LETTER: Feehan working for children’s future

Residents of MN District One have an opportunity to elect a representative who will work hard for our children’s futures. Dan Feehan is a former teacher; he knows that public education is the foundation of an informed, active citizenry.

We are all dependent on children who learn critical thinking skills as well as civics, who are exposed to the arts, who can learn and master the latest technologies to succeed in the future workforce. We need our children to be prepared for the advances in healthcare, IT, agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, business, and countless other opportunities in the emerging and increasingly global markets. Education is the key to unlock those doors.

When elected, Dan Feehan will work in Congress with our children’s future in mind. He will work for:

• Multiple, affordable, high quality, early education and childcare opportunities for all

• Enhancing our K-12 education with emphasis and financial support for access to STEM, the arts, coding, new technologies, and the power of technology.

• Curricula that offer the best and most diverse educational opportunities, including those that emphasize civics and public service to help foster well informed citizens.

• Partnerships with labor, businesses, technical schools, and 2 or 4 year degree programs to expose students to multiple work opportunities in our communities.

• Recruitment and retention of a strong and diverse teacher workforce that is supported in all its crucial work.

• Legislation that caps student loan rates and expands chances for loan forgiveness.

• Partnerships with labor unions, trade schools, and technical colleges to help students train for and acquire high paying, skilled jobs that do not require a four year university degree.

Vote for Dan Feehan to give our children the best chance for the future.

For more information, visit DanFeehan.com.

Sharon O’C. Rome

Rochester MN