Letter: Feehan listens to voters

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Too many of our representatives in Congress are focused only on winning and holding office rather than serving the public. They raise millions of dollars from wealthy individuals and corporate PACs to finance campaigns that don’t inform voters on important issues, but sow fear and divisiveness in an attempt to win and hold office.

Dan Feehan, who is challenging incumbent Jim Hagedorn in the First Congressional District, is a refreshingly different type of candidate. He has devoted his career to public service. While an undergraduate, he joined the ROTC after the terrorist attacks in 2001. Upon receiving his commission, he did two tours of duty in Iraq and was awarded the bronze star. After completing his military service he taught math in disadvantaged school districts. He earned a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and went on to serve as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense.

He has traveled throughout the First District listening to voters concerns. His campaign is focused on helping solve problems confronting voters in the First District. He will work to make healthcare more affordable and accessible in rural areas and protect insurance coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions. He recognizes the importance of early childhood education and will work to make it available to all families. He will also work to make higher education accessible to more students and will work to prevent students from massive debt by reducing student loan rates and expanding loan forgiveness programs.

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In stark contrast to his opponent, Dan Feehan will not accept campaign money from corporate PACs. He will not be beholden to corporate interests. He is running not just to win office, but to solve the problems of voters in the First District.

James Bromeland
Winona, MN