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Packer swimmers break another pool record in final home meet of the season

The Austin boys swimming and diving team put up another record as it beat Red Wing 93-75 in its final home meet of the year in Bud Higgins Pool Thursday.

The Austin 200-yard medley relay team of Rafe Dolan Peterson, Logan Kelly, Trey Myers and Aaron Knoll set a new pool record as they took first place with a time of 1:38.18. The old record of 1:38.53 was held by a team from Mason City.

It is the second pool record broken this week by the Packers as Kelly broke the pool record in the 100-yard breaststroke on Monday.


200-medley relay: Rafe Dolan Peterson, Logan Kelly, Trey Myers, Aaron Knoll (first, 1:38.18); Kenny Cabeen, Thomas Walker, Tate Miller, Winston Walkup (third, 1:58.19)

200-freestyle: Logan Kelly (first, 1:50.11); Matthew Grush (third, 2:11.73); Adam Pike (fourth, 2:13.19)

200-individual medley: Winston Walkup (first, 2:15.20); Aaron Knoll (third, 2:26.15); Kenny Cabeen (fourth, 2:36.16)

50-freestyle: Trey Myers (first, 23.02); Tate Miller (second, 26.26); Joseph Cook (third, 26.58)

Diving: Riley Norton (first, 201.80); Riley Ferguson (second, 176.55); Samuel Langstaff (third, 139.35)

100-butterfly: Rafe Dolan Peterson (first, 53.40); Joseph Hilton (fourth, 1:10.58)

100-freestyle: Logan Kelly (first, 49.67); Kenny Cabeen (second, 57.79); Joseph Cook (third, 1:00.12)

500-freestyle: Tate Miller (third, 5:50.09); Matthew Grush (fifth, 6:00.58); Lucas Myers (sixth, 6:18.08)

200-freestyle relay: Logan Kelly, Adam Pike, Kenny Cabeen, Rafe Dolan Peterson (first, 1:36.57); Joseph Cook, Jack Staben, Andew Neitzell, Riley Norton (third, 1:48.40)

100-backstroke: Trey Myers (first, 57.47); Winston Walkup (second 1:00.65); Aaron Knoll (third, 1:02.33

100-breaststroke: Rafe Dolan Peterson (first, 1:06.13); Corey Hansen (second, 1:18.83); Barry Jackson (sixth, 1:20.64)

400-freestyle relay: Trey Myers, Tate Miller, Winston Walkup, Aaron Knoll (first, 3:38.10); Jack Staben Thomas Walker, Andrew Nietzell, Joseph Cook (third, 4:18.53)