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City: ‘Keep trash cans off of road during snow plowing’

With heavy snow blanketing the area, the City of Austin is reminding residents to place garbage cans and recycling bins in their driveways, not on the street, for pick-up so they do not become obstacles for snowplows.

“In order for us to properly clean the road, we require garbage cans to be kept out of the roadway,” said City Engineer Steven Lang. “They should be placed on the driveway for the garbage haulers.”

“Garbage cans in roadways create the same issue as a car with plows having to go around them,” said Austin Police Chief David McKichan.

Lang said the same rule applies for sanitation workers collecting trash as well as those collecting recycling.

“Haulers should not be setting (garbage cans and recycling containers) back into the street,” he said. “They should be placing them back in the driveway out of the roadway.”