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A flippin’ good time: Pancake professionals to bring a show to the Lions’ pancake dinner

People coming to this year’s Austin Noon Lions Club Pancake Day, Jan. 23, may be getting a show with their dinner.

Instead of cooking, the Noon Lions Club members will be waiting on tables and mingling with people, while the food is prepared by Chris Cakes Servers, a midwest company that makes pancakes and serves them with a twist.

“It’s possible that you’ll stand there, waiting to be served, and they’ll flip you pancakes through the air,” Club Member Harlan Nelson said. “They make fun out of it.”

The decision to try bringing in an outside company for the 61st annual event was due to it being a ton of work for members, he said. They typically serve around 600 guests.

Chris Cakes will be providing the pancakes at this year’s Pancake Day.

“It’s been a marvelous fundraiser for the Lions Club,” he said.

Whether the club will continue to have an outside pancake-making crew come in is all up to how much the event makes this year, he said.

“If the bottom line is worthwhile for us to continue this way, I’m sure this is the start of something new and different,” Nelson said.

Nelson has been involved in the Lions Club for about 50 years and has worked about 20 of these events.