Letter: Disappointed over Hagedorn’s ‘no’ vote

Published 5:04 am Thursday, December 19, 2019

The House of Representatives just voted on HR3, The Lower Drug Costs Now Act. I am disappointed to see the choice that our congressman has made.

The Lower Drug Costs Now Act will finally give Medicare and private insurance the power to negotiate prices with drug companies, something that will not only drive down the costs of prescription drugs for those on Medicare but would also drive down costs for everyone. Americans will pay the average rather than highest drug costs compared to other countries. And, HR 3 will limit maximum out-of-pocket costs at $2,000 per person per year.

Healthcare expenses should not go unchecked, otherwise they will continue to rise, making premiums and prescription drugs even more unaffordable while drug company profits continue to increase. We can no longer allow people to have to make the choice between rent, food, or paying for their lifesaving drugs.

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Rep. Jim Hagedorn voted no on HR3, continuing to show his allegiance with Big Pharma over the people of Southern Minnesota. Let’s make sure we hold him accountable in the 2020 Election.

Ann Spicer
Oronoco, MN