Austin man charged with selling meth; Allegedly sold drugs to police informant on four occasions

Published 7:06 am Saturday, November 16, 2019

Tony Viramonh, 31, of Austin was charged with felony first-degree drugs – sale of 17 grams or more of methamphetamine within a 90-day period – on Friday in Mower County District Court.

Tony Viramonh, 31

According to the court complaint, a confidential reliable informant (CRI) met with law enforcement on June 12 about purchasing methamphetamine from Viramonh. The CRI made contact with Viramonh and arranged to meet him at a location in the city of Austin. The CRI was searched, provided with buy money and an audio transmitter, and monitored as he met with Viramonh. He made purchased 1.76 grams of methamphetamine, which he then surrendered to police at a predetermined location.

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Similar purchases were made on June 19, June 26 and June 28. On each occasion, the CRI was searched by police, given buy money and an audio transmitter, and monitored as he met Viramonh at locations in Austin. After each occasion, the CRI surrendered 3.32 grams, 6.97 grams and 6.85 grams of methamphetamine respectively.

A review of Viramonh’s criminal record shows prior convictions for drug possession, terroristic threats and assault.

Viramonh will appear in court again on March 20.