Pacelli’s Lewis continues double duty at Austin Invite

Published 7:08 pm Tuesday, October 8, 2019

There were a lot of runners competing in the eight-team Austin Cross Country Invite in Meadow Greens Golf Course Tuesday, but very few of them have registered any tackles on the football field this fall.

Pacelli junior Jayden Lewis can say he has. Lewis, who took 28th place with a personal best time of 18:16.8, has focused on running cross country for the Shamrocks, but he has moonlighted as a defensive back for the Lyle-Pacelli football team.

Lewis has made a habit of attending cross country practice after school, then driving to Lyle for football practice throughout this fall. It’s been tiring, but it’s also been enjoyable for Lewis.

Austin’s Alex Petrik chases after an Albert Lea runner in Meadow Greens Golf Course Tuesday. Rocky Hulne/

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“It’s been a lot of fun being able to be part of both teams. I got to be part of the football team’s first win of the season and I’ve been able to run. It’s been awesome being able to do both,” Lewis said. “Every once in awhile the legs get a little sore, but I go home and ice and I’m good to go. The conditioning I get in cross country, helps for football and the sprinting for football helps me in cross country.”

The Austin boys, who took fifth place, were led by Andrew Neitzell, who took 24th, but Lewis wasn’t far behind him.

“The course was really nice today, the temperatures were really nice and it made for some fast times and it made for a great meet,” Lewis said. “It was nice to be able to go against some of the Austin guys that I know. I was able to get after it.”

Nadia Vaughn took sixth for the fourth place Austin girls and Pacelli’s Rory Bickler took fourth place.

Austin’s Nadia Vaughn sprints down the homestretch at the Austin Invite at Meadow Greens Golf Course Tuesday. Rocky Hulne/


1. Winona 30; 2. Lake City 44; 3. Albert Lea 52; 4. Stewartville 127; 5. Austin 132; 6. Byron 144

Austin: Andrew Netizell (24th,  17:55.5); Alex Petrik (25th, 18:00.3); Joseph Garry (26th, 18:01.1); Jacob Venenga (28th, 18:11.6); Kyle Mayer (31st, 18:22.2); Thomas Herrick (32nd, 18:22.4); Nickolas Whalen (33rd, 18:25.6)

Pacelli: Jayden Lewis (28th, 18:16.8); Andrew Frederick (105th, 22:03.8); Blake Klingfus (119th, 23:47.7)

GMLOS: Aubrie Schneider (29th, 22:04.4); Katy Ottman (35th, 22:24.2); Madisyn Packers (40th, 22:54.8); Sydney Alstat (48th, 23:39.6); Hope Dion (52nd, 23:54.4); Maddie Mertern (64th, 24:55.5)


1. Stewartville 61; 2. Lake City 62; 3. Winona 69; 4. Austin 112; 5. Byron 112; 6. Pacelli 132; 7. Albert Lea 151; 8. GMLOS 185

Austin: Nadia Vaughn (sixth, 20:03.1); Marissa Shute (ninth, 20:29.7); Cassidy Shute (28th, 22:01.4); Ruby Kvam (31st, 22:01.4); Lauren Schmitt (41st, 22:55.4); Grace Vortherms (44th, 23:22.8); Lillyan Wesie (50th, 23:46.2)

Pacelli: Rory Bickler (fourth, 19:54.8); Lexi Lewis (10th, 20:31.6); Kirsten Koopal (23rd, 21:17.9); Kendahl Lewis (55th, 23:58.3); Abby Christopherson (56th, 23:58.7); Amarie Vlasek (78th, 26:50.2)

GMLOS: Cohen Wiste (39th, 18:45); Christian Hjelman (65th, 19:43.7); Ethan Gilbert (69th, 19:52.3); Cameron Ruechel (70th, 19:52.3); Erik Shaw (88th, 20:45.2); Brendon Arndorfer (101st, 21:53.6)