Council holds assessment hearing

Published 8:53 am Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Austin City Council held a series of public hearings regarding assessments during its regular meeting Monday evening.

The hearings dealt with 2018-19 snow removal, 2019 garbage and junk removal, 2018-19 weed and grass removal, miscellaneous sidewalk and driveway projects, administrative citations, hazardous housing abatement and unpaid daycare inspections.

The following total amounts were assessed to property taxes throughout the city:

  • Snow removal assessment – $3,004.40
  • Garbage and junk removal assessment – $2,812.50
  • Weed and grass removal assessment – $8,888.05
  • Miscellaneous sidewalk and driveway projects – $5,150.87
  • Administrative citations (Park and Rec.) – $11,950
  • Administrative citations (Zoning) – $7,000
  • Administrative citations (Rental violations) – $1,125
  • Administrative citations (Sump pump violations) – $3,900
  • Hazardous housing assessment – $43,726.36
  • Daycare inspections – $147.47

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No objections were raised from the public during the hearings. The council unanimously approved all of the assessments.

Affected individuals will have varying payment options, depending on the amount owed, but are all subject to an interest rate of five percent per annum.