Why you don’t need a 5G phone just yet

Published 11:59 am Saturday, September 21, 2019

NEW YORK — Phone companies are building speedier 5G wireless networks and making big claims about revolutionary new applications. But if you’re shopping for a new phone, experts recommend being smart and avoiding 5G for now.

Simply put, the first-generation 5G phones are expensive. They’re also generally locked to 5G networks owned by specific mobile carriers, which could limit your options later.

Experts say second-generation phones in the coming year will address those and other shortcomings.

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If you’re an early adopter who needs to be first with technological advancements, you’ll have to use a 5G phone with Google’s Android system.

Samsung, Motorola, LG and OnePlus are among the companies that make them.

The new iPhones out Friday won’t support 5G. Apple typically waits for technology to mature before adopting it.