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Homecoming 2019: Austin, Pacelli hold court

The Austin High School 2019 Homecoming King Hapi Ogilla and Queen Sophia Kvam. The pair were crowned during coronation Wednesday afternoon in Knowlton Auditorium.

King candidates included Andy Chesak, Agwa Nywesh, Jackson Oelfke, Elisha Simerson and Jacob Venenga.

Queen candidates included Ellie Eyre, Colie Justice, Jordyn McCormack, Avery Thompson and Kyra Walters.

Pacelli Coronation

Mach Diang and Abbey Neve were crowned 2019 Pacelli Coronation king and queen Wednesday night at Pacelli High School.

Pacelli queen candidates included Rachel Nelson, Vanessa Cotter, Shenali DeSilva, Rory Bickler, Olivia Culbert and Melany Rosas Hernandez.

King candidates included Gavin Johnson, William Kahle, Carter King, Sunny Mehta-Morgado and Johnny Nguyen.