Man charged with stalking, threatening woman and her boyfriend; Allegedly threatened to kill victim if she told the police

Published 6:49 am Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Eric Michael Arens, 37, of Austin was charged with felony pattern of stalking, two counts of felony terroristic threats-reckless disregard risk and three counts of gross misdemeanor violation of a domestic abuse no contact order on Monday in Mower County District Court.

Eric Michael Arens, 37

According to the court complaint, an officer took a domestic assault no contact order (DANCO) violation report on Aug. 6 from a woman who had a DANCO against Arens. The victim reported Arens had contacted her by text messages, emails, voicemails and in person and had threatened to kill her if she reported him to the police.

The victim reported Arens had been texting her for the past couple of months, saying things like “I am not leaving you alone until your [sic] mine again” and “watch your mouth or I’ll (expletive) slap it.” He identified himself as “Eric” in the messages.

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In an email dated July 4, 2019, Arens told the victim that she was “going to pay dearly for what u [sic] have done… if u [sic] don’t do exactly what I say within 24 hours (victim’s name) I’m going to destroy your life… I’m going to tear your life upside down… I’m gonna [sic] find (your boyfriend) and (expletive) him up so bad he will never work again… I will break out your (expletive) car windows and slash your parents car windows [sic]… I’m going to harass u [sic] and I’m going to harass make [sic] your life horrible… If u [sic] take this phone to the police or call them or let them know my whereabouts I’ll (expletive) kill you.”

The officer took photographs of the messages.

The victim reported that Arens had left her voicemails from multiple phone numbers on April 2, April 7 and July 14. She said she new they were from him because she recognized his voice.

The victim said she was afraid of what Arens would do and that he would follow through with his threats.

Police were called on Aug. 8 to a local business on a report of a male harassing employees. An officer spoke to the victim, who said Arens stormed into the business. She told him to leave multiple times, but he refused and she was too terrified to call 911. She reported Arens said he had been trying to reach her and that she would start doing what he told her to do. A co-worker called 911 and Arens left the building. Shortly after, Arens texted her, stating “Don’t u [sic] ever pull that (expletive) on me again.”

The victim also reported that her boyfriend had received a threatening message from Arens on Facebook. She provided a screenshot of a message sent from a woman’s profile stating, “When I find you, I’m going to break you in half… you’re a dead (expletive)… tell your (expletive) girlfriend hello… I’m hunting you (expletive)!”

Arens was arrested on Aug. 9. He provided a Mirandized statement that he went to the victim’s place of employment on at least two occasions, including Aug. 8, and that he had sent her the text message on Aug. 8 shortly after leaving the business. He said he had been trying to say hi to the victim by text, email (he confirmed the email address that sent the July 4 message was his), voicemail and in person. He also admitted to threatening the victim’s boyfriend.

A review of Arens’ criminal record shows prior convictions for domestic assault and disorderly conduct.

Arens will appear in court again on Aug. 26.