Editorial: Time to remember High School sports are fun

Published 10:47 am Saturday, August 31, 2019

Thursday night, the Austin Packers girls tennis team won their first team dual since 2017.

To win the match, it took some heroics by Rachel Christenson and Kali Meiergerd in the No. 2 doubles match.

Without that win, the Packers don’t pull out the match. It was a fun and exciting way to pull out the much desired win. Afterwards, Meiergerd said, “My smile is not going away anytime soon.”

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And that is the way we like to see sports played. For these moments, moments that remind everybody that these games are meant to be fun.

So, as the fall season continues rolling along in this new school year, it’s the perfect time to remind everybody that these are games. Games are supposed to be fun, and along that train of thought, those athletes you will be watching are kids playing a game.

Too often, we take these things far too seriously. Fans will sometimes yell and scream when they don’t like a play.

As a fan, you have the right to voice displeasure, but there is always room to be mindful of what you are conveying. There are no million-dollar athletes at Art Hass Stadium. There are no million-dollar athletes in Southland, Hayfield, Lyle or any other school in this state. Only kids giving everything they have and having fun doing it.

This also extends to our treatment of referees and officials. Believe it or not, they are human. Humans are not perfect and humans make mistakes. Again, you can voice your displeasure at a missed call, but be mindful of how you do it. Just as your student-athletes are doing their best, so are they.

They do and will make mistakes, just like coaches and athletes will make mistakes.

In a lot of ways, fans are more than just people attending a football game or volleyball match. You are adults, you are role models. Those athletes know you are there, and despite competition, they are watching you.

Our area has always been good in this type of thing, but it’s always good to reflect. Go to these games, cheer on your home team, and above all else, be supportive.

These are your sons and daughters and their friends. Be the support they deserve.