Wimbledon executive says seeding system is fine

Published 7:30 am Tuesday, July 2, 2019

WIMBLEDON, England  — The chief executive of the All England Club says the formula used to seed players at Wimbledon is not contentious.

Rafael Nadal, who is ranked second in world but was seeded third for the grass-court major, complained about Wimbledon’s system last week. Nadal, who recently won his 12th French Open title, said he thinks it’s unfair that Wimbledon is the only tournament that uses its own seeding system.

“It’s a formula that’s been in place for a long time,” Richard Lewis said. “So it is what it is, really. From our point of view it wasn’t controversial, because we had no choice, really. The formula is in place, so we just simply stuck to the formula. I think there’s a good logic to the formula.”

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