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Letter: Appreciating the city for keeping pool open

I would like to thank the Austin MN Park and Rec and it’s director, Kevin Nelson (who was also the pool manager on July Fourth when I was there), for their ongoing efforts to keep the pool hours open. Thank you for quickly fixing any small issues (e.g. hanging curtains on the changing stalls in the women’s locker room) when they are brought to their attention. Thank you to the 5-plus new lifeguards that were hired after the pool opened to help fill the open hours and make sure of a full schedule so that we in Austin could cool off. Thank you to the YMCA pool director for offering to have a lifeguard class if needed.

I don’t know if anyone else had a hand in this, but if I missed you, then thank you too.

This is why I like living in Austin: the community working together.

Tamra Hansen

Austin, MN