Letter: Hagedorn continues to advocate dialog after being elected

Published 7:51 am Thursday, June 20, 2019

When Jim Hagedorn was running for Congress, he walked in dozens of parades, attended county fairs in every county multiple times and shook thousands and thousands of hands. He also met with labor and business leaders to learn more about their concerns even before he was elected.

It is good to see now that he’s been elected, Congressman Hagedorn continues to stay in contact with his constituents. What impresses me the most as I look at news reports and look at his Facebook page is not just the number of groups and constituents he meets with (both in Washington and Minnesota) but the fact that many of the groups he meets with don’t share his views and most likely didn’t even vote for him.

It’s reality that there are issues people aren’t going to agree on (for example, I think any plan that would kick over 150 million Americans off their private insurance plans – like Medicare for All would – is a bad idea), but I appreciate being represented by someone who will listen to people even if they disagree with each other. It’s something that is missing far too often today.

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Chris Green

Austin, MN