Two charged in alleged truck theft; Milwaukee man accused of intimidating victim

Published 8:54 am Friday, January 18, 2019


Two individuals accused of assaulting a man and stealing his truck appeared in Mower County District Court on Thursday.

James Horace Mister, 37, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was charged with felony first-degree aggravated robbery-bodily harm and felony simple robbery.

Dominique Lamar Knox, 36, of Austin was charged with felony aiding/abetting first-degree aggravated robbery and felony aiding/abetting simple robbery.

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According to the court complaint, a Mower County deputy was dispatched at 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday to a residence in the 29000 block of 540th Avenue in Udolpho Township regarding an assault and theft.

Dispatch advised the victim, an adult male, reported that he had been assaulted by two males, later identified as Mister and Knox, the previous night and that they had stolen his 1995 Chevrolet pickup truck that morning.

The truck was described as a leaf green color with a broken passenger side mirror. The victim also claimed Mister and Knox had tried to force him to prepare a bill of sale for the truck.


When the deputy arrived, he observed a male getting into a Chevrolet pickup parked in the driveway. The pickup matched the description of the stolen vehicle, but had a different license plate, which was later found to match that of a 2016 Ford Mustang registered to an Austin resident. The victim confirmed it was the truck reported stolen and the deputy ordered the driver, Mister, out of the vehicle. During a search, the deputy found $3,585.50 in Mister’s pocket. Mister also said he had a bill of sale for the truck in his back pocket.

The deputy removed a handwritten paper and the vehicle title for the truck from Mister’s pocket and detained him until backup arrived. The victim told the deputy that Mister was one of the men who assaulted him and the other, Knox, was inside his residence with Juan Jose Vazquez. He indicated Knox and Mister had stayed at his residence for a few days and that they were “strong arming” him. The victim also indicated that Vazquez had nothing to do with the assault or theft. Knox and Vazquez were ordered out of the residence after another deputy and troopers with the Minnesota State Patrol arrived on scene.

The victim said he had known Knox for several years and that Knox called him a few days prior to ask if he could do laundry. The victim agreed and said Knox and “his brother” (Mister) were dropped off at the house and “just started lounging around, hanging out here.” The victim said a day or so after they stayed, Mister told him, “I want that (expletive) money.” When the victim asked him to explain, Mister claimed that he owed him $500 for five years. The victim, who believed Mister was referring to a cocaine sale he had previously paid him for, said he felt threatened because Mister “got in my face and was just screaming at me.”

The victim claimed he tried to get Mister the money, but was not able to get the full amount. He said that Mister assaulted him the previous night, punching him in the face and causing his nose to bleed “all over.” The deputy located small blood spots on the kitchen and bathroom floors.

The victim then said he gave Mister $400 and that Knox took some of it. He claimed Mister then demanded his truck to settle the alleged debt, so he gave him the title because he believed they would hurt him. Mister then demanded the keys and a bill of sale. The victim said, “I didn’t want to do it, so I just wrote him out something.” Mister and Knox did not leave when he told them to, so the victim called police after he heard the truck start that morning.

Mister and Knox were both arrested. Vazquez was also arrested on a felony drug sale charge.

While at the Mower County Jail, Knox indicated the victim owed Mister money. He said Mister and the victim were arguing and the argument continued when Mister followed the victim into the garage. Knox said he went “downstairs” and didn’t know what happened when they were arguing, but knew the victim gave Mister the keys, title and a note for the truck. When asked if Mister intimidated the victim, Knox said, “I’m pretty sure.”

The deputy then spoke to Mister, who indicated he was in the area with Knox because he wanted to buy a car. He said they had been at the victim’s place for a few days and that he needed to borrow the truck to go to a doctor’s appointment. He claimed the victim told him, “Just take the truck.” Mister said he told the victim to write him a bill of sale because he paid for the truck, telling the deputy, “I got the title and bill of sale.” He denied assaulting and arguing with the victim. He also denied the victim asked him to leave the residence.

Mister and Knox will appear in court again on Jan. 31.