Man charged with threatening, assaulting woman; Pleads not guilty to charges

Published 7:15 am Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Carl Ray Jackson, 62, of Lyle was charged on Monday in Mower County District Court with felony terroristic threats and two counts of gross misdemeanor domestic assault. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Carl Ray Jackson, 62

According to the court complaint, a Mower County deputy and an Austin police officer responded to a domestic disturbance call at 6:09 a.m. on Friday in the 100 block of Fourth Street in Lyle. They met with a woman who said Jackson was “acting crazy” and that he threatened to kill her several times.

The deputy spoke to Jackson, who said the woman had been “wound up” for the past two days and she was angry because he woke her up when he opened the windows, the complaint states. He alleged that she called him bad names and smoked in the house to antagonize him, but “nothing happened.” He denied threatening her or making any physical contact, allegedly saying he was “on a probation thing” and he did not “touch people” because he could get into trouble.

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He also said their arguments stemmed from her items being left in the house. When asked why she would say he threatened her, Jackson allegedly said, “I don’t know. Because she knows she can get me into trouble.”

The complaint states Jackson was very agitated and he was detained in a squad car when his angry mood intensified.

The woman told the officer Jackson had “barged” into her room and started yelling at her and being “really mean,” according to the complaint. She alleged he tried to provoke her to get her to hit him, then got on the bed and acted like he was going to strike her. She went to the porch and got a water bottle from the refrigerator, but Jackson allegedly took the bottle and threw it at her.

She alleged that Jackson had assaulted her the previous afternoon. When asked about the incident, she said he was complaining about “really stupid things, about me having too many pillows on my bed.” She said she began taking pillows off the bed and asked if he was “happy,” at which point he allegedly put his hands around her neck and said, “I want to kill you, (expletive).”

A review of Jackson’s criminal history shows a prior conviction for domestic assault.

A pre-trial has been scheduled for Dec. 4.