County considers options on impound building

Published 8:05 am Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Mower County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday mulled over ideas for a new sheriff’s impound facility.

The impound lot has been located outside the county shop.

An increase in the number of vehicles, and more chances to sell higher-end vehicles at auction if forfeited, prompted suggestions for a more secure location.

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A nearby tank work building, forfeited to the county, was thought to be an option if renovated. Through several discussions, the county is now considering a tear-down of the building except for the cement slab, and construct a roof and walls around the slab and extend the building another 24 feet. The building is now 64 feet by 70 feet.

The building would not be heated unless a need was felt for an interior room that could be used for storage. It would not be plumbed, but would have electrical service.

No action was taken. Construction — including demolition and asbestos removal — was estimated to cost at least $150,000.

In other business:

Fairgrounds: Authorized City Coordinator Craig Clark to open bids for secondary electrical work at the Mower County Fairgrounds on Friday. Commissioners wanted the bids granted in a timely manner in view of the upcoming fair, and to wait for the next meeting to approve bids would have put the work behind at least two weeks.

Unpaid bill: Approved paying a $109,954.97 IT bill after no invoice was received for almost three years, 2015 to 2017. The company offered a 5 percent discount if the entire bill was paid in full at one time. It also offered an alternative — paying the bill in installments — at no discount.

Chairman Jerry Reinartz expressed with some heat that the delay in billing should have been caught much earlier.

Still, said County Attorney Kristen Nelsen, she could understand how it could happen. She explained that while she signs off on bills, she doesn’t write the payment checks.

“It’s not like your checkbook at home; you don’t have a ledger in front of you,” she said.

“Three years, though? That’s inexcusable,” said Reinartz.

The board ultimately decided to pay the bill all at one time.

“If somebody invoices me late and I save 5 percent? I can do that all day long,” said Commissioner Tony Bennett.