Celebrating Austin’s academic success

Published 8:35 am Saturday, April 21, 2018

By Andrea Malo

Austin High School Principal

Each year, Austin Public Schools honors students who have demonstrated high levels of academic achievement throughout their high school years at the Academic Excellence Recognition Dinner.

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This year’s banquet will be held May 2 at the Hormel Historic Home, where we will celebrate students who earned a 3.90 or above unweighted grade point average during their four years in high school. In addition to demonstrating academic success, many of these students also balance involvement in sports, music programs, clubs, community service, and/or employment.

Honorees from the Class of 2018 include: Kellie Baier, Jennifer Boyle, Isaac Christopherson, Jo Ann La, Anh Le, Sydney Marsh, Mitchell Mayer, Lilly Nystel, Emily Sayles, Abigail Schammel, Paiton Schwab, Bonnie Thoma-Buschardt, Kristina Thorson, Lina Vu, and Tara Watkins.

Each of these students will also be invited to speak at their June 8 graduation ceremony. Honored students are also asked to invite a teacher who influenced them during their schooling. This year’s honored teachers include: Karen Huff, Tracey Reynen, Kim Vesterby, Troy Watkins, Kris Fadness, Pete Walker, Tony Einertson, Camille Osmonson, Jen Lawhead, Ryan Kelly, Eric Harder, Tieler Myers, and Tisha Pischke.

Austin Public Schools congratulates each student for this highest distinction in academics and honors each teacher for their impact on students’ lives.

In addition to recognizing these seniors for their high academic achievement, we also look forward to recognizing the academic success of 69 students in grades 9 – 12 who earned straight As throughout the first semester of the 2017-18 school year at the Honor Roll Luncheon. This annual event was started in 2001 by Superintendent James Hess and Hormel President Joel Johnson as a way to honor students focused on academic achievement and demonstrating a strong work ethic. We are happy to be able to continue this wonderful celebration through the generosity of Hormel Foods.

On April 23, students will enjoy lunch with Hormel Foods President and CEO James Snee, members of the Hormel Foods executive team, Superintendent of Schools David Krenz, and AHS Principal Andrea Malo.

Congratulations to this year’s student honorees:

Grade 9 – Siri Ansorge, Emma Crowley, Emily Curtis, Kory Engelstad, Molly Garry, Hillary Gonzalez Marcial, Riley Haugen, Emma Keenan, Eric Mangelen, Maria Morey, Ella Muzik, Elizabeth Nguyen, Madisyn Retterath, Katie Shin, Micha Weber, Briella Wempner, and Eric Yang.

Grade 10 – Emily Bollum, Sydnee Brandt, Mya Burkhart, Chloey Camerer, Rachel Christenson, Madison Herrick, Ethan Johnson, Kiley Kusick, Kathryn Lillemon, Abigail Muller, Fayth Nystel, Morgan Raymond, Lillian Reynen, Jacob Venenga, Tori Watkins, Robin Weaver, and Noah Zimmerman.

Grade 11 –  Sarah Bachmeier, Emily Eich, Eleanor Hinchcliffe, Maia Irvin, Tarik Merzkani, Nathan Meyer, Ian Murphy, Kassidy Oldenkamp, Hannay Ryks, Jacob Steinbach, Riley Wempner, and Katherine Willrodt.

Grade 12 – Kellie Baier, Ryley Blomquist, Jennifer Boyle, Joshua Brehmer, Isaac Christopherson, Jackson Dankert, Teddi Eisenberg, Zachary Farr, Berghyn Hull, Jo Ann Le, Isabel Leuer, Sydney Marsh, Mitchell Mayer, Lilly Nystel, Priscilla Parada, Halie Retterath, Emily Sayles, Abigail Schammel, Paiton Schwab, Bobbie Thoma-Buschardt, Kristina Thorson, Lina Vu, and Tara Watkins.