Letter: Child’s note remains a treasure

Published 8:24 am Thursday, January 4, 2018

In the 1970’s, a student named Merlyn gave this note to Shaw Elementary Principal Darwin Fosse. Provided photo

It was in the early 70s and I was the principal at Shaw Elementary School in Austin.

One of the first graders at Shaw was a young boy named Merlyn. Merlyn came to my office on frequent occasions. One day he stopped in just to say “Hi” and to give me a letter he had written. I still have the letter to this day.

The message he wrote was so true and inspiring. I placed it on the bulletin board in my offices where it remained for over 30 years as a constant reminder to me that “Sometimes we have ruff days and sometimes we have good days.” It is now hanging in my office at home as I am retired. I owe a lot to Merlyn. I have not seen him since those days back at Shaw School, but if you decide to publish this letter and he reads it, I would appreciate a call so I can thank him personally for helping me.

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Darwin Fosse, Prior Lake, Minnesota

Editor’s note: Merlyn can contact Managing Editor Chris Baldus at 507-434-2235 or chris.baldus@austindailyherald.com to make contact with Mr. Fosse.