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Fox named Student of the Month

The Austin Noon Kiwanis Student of the Month is Nena Fox, a senior at Austin High School.  Nena is described as “an extremely hard worker, hilarious, dedicated and genuine; she sets goals for herself and plans to achieve them.”

Nena Fox

She is on the varsity Austin Packer Dance Team and has volunteered at the Humane Society.

“With the years that I have been in high school, I have had many teachers that have impacted me greatly,” she said responding to Kiwanis queries. “They were always around to help when I needed it, and were always there to push me to do my best. I have made many memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

“An activity I am involved in is the Austin Packer Dance Team. I have been on that team since 8th grade and it has truly been an honor.  This past summer I volunteered at the Humane Society a few times.  Although my volunteer time was limited, I am excited to be with the people and animals this upcoming summer.

“I will be attending a four-year university, but am still unsure as to where I will attend.  I plan to study human sciences, but am undecided on my major.

“My mom and dad have had a notable positive impact on me.  They have been there for me from the very beginning and are my biggest supporters.  I could never repay them for the ways they have positively impacted my life .”