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Motorcycle reported stolen by swindle

A motorcycle was reported stolen via swindle from Countryside Auto in Austin on Tuesday.

According to Mower County Chief Deputy Mark May, Countryside Auto was contacted in mid-December by a man who was interested in purchasing a $21,000 2017 Polaris Slingshot motorcycle from them. The man paid with three different credit cards and picked up the motorcycle on Tuesday.

The man said his name was Christopher Woodjate and provided them with an address in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, according to May.

It was not until after the motorcycle was picked up that Countryside Auto learned one of the credit card companies had contested its share of the payment because the number used was stolen.

Countryside Auto contacted Woodjate, who said he would bring it back but never did. Efforts by law enforcement to contact Woodjate have been unsuccessful.

A copy of the title provided to Woodjate does not include his driver’s license number, a middle name, or a date of birth, May said.

The motorcycle is black and orange and had Minnesota license plate 04384MJ at the time it was picked up. It has been entered into the system as stolen.