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Letter: Merry Christmas and happy rapture

God the father demanded blood for the sins of mankind. Jesus was born a baby who grew up into an adult man. He became the sacrifice for mankind’s sins. Now it is through believing in Jesus and accepting him into your life that he forgives you of your sins and he works to change you into his image.

But now Jesus is coming back to earth, again to claim all those who believe in him for himself. The dead in their graves who believed in Jesus, they will rise from their graves first. And we, the living who believe, will also follow them, meeting Jesus in the air. This is called the rapture and it is coming soon.

All children from birth to 12 years will be taken. All children 12 years and older who don’t believe in Jesus will be left behind on earth. You must believe and give your life over to Jesus Christ. Let the Lord Jesus come into your life today. Let Jesus reveal himself to you. It’s the  way God works. It is the only way  anyone gets to salvation.

The king, Jesus Christ, is coming back for you. Please get ready for him. I don’t really like giving a strong word like this to family, but I couldn’t break away from not sharing it. Something is happening to the world that we live in. It is like everything is falling apart and people are going crazy.

Those I know I want them ready to meet Jesus Christ when he comes back again.

In the Bible, there is the story of the 10 virgins who went out to meet the bridgegroom. Five virgins had their lamps full of oil. The other five virgins didn’t have enough oil in their lamps. When the bridgegroom came five virgins with oil in their lamps gave light to the bridegroom to get to the wedding feast. The other five virgins ran off to get more oil for their lamps. When they knocked on the door to get into the wedding feast, the bridgegroom answered the door. He told them, “I don’t know you. Go away. It’s too late for you to enter now.” The bridgegroom is Jesus Christ.

Just get your heart ready. Get yourself right with God. Because like a dog chained to the garage starts barking when a storm is coming, that’s how I feel about getting this word out now.

Patrick Gorman, Austin