Pacelli preschool program adds MacPhail Sing Play Learn

Published 10:18 am Sunday, September 17, 2017

By Jean McDermott

Pacelli Catholic Schools president

Pacelli Catholic Schools is excited to welcome a new program to our preschool, made possible through collaboration with strategic partners, MacPhail Center for Music and the Hormel Foundation.

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“Sing Play Learn” is an early childhood program developed through MacPhail Center for Music that provides developmentally appropriate musical play for three-, four-, and five-year-old children.

This experience promotes musical awareness and appreciation through play-based integrated activities. This lively class meets the varied needs of each child and promotes social skills, body control, attention spans and appreciation of music.

Each of Pacelli’s preschool programs — Tiny Shamrocks, Little Shamrocks, and Kindergarten Prep — participate in the Sing Play Learn program for 30 minutes once a week. Singing, games, musical instruments and free play exploration are all seamlessly incorporated into this 30-minute block of time. Young children are learning music appreciation through the venue they like best, play!

We are fortunate at Pacelli to also have MacPhail Center for Music and the Hormel Foundation as partners in our fourth grade to eighth grade band and orchestra programs. MacPhail Center for Music is located in Minneapolis with more than 200 faculty members serving over 15,500 students. MacPhail provides instruction at more than 132 locations outside of its downtown Minneapolis facility in more than 35 instruments and a variety of musical styles.  Through MacPhail’s innovative Community Partnership programs delivered in the Twin Cities and throughout the state, MacPhail serves more than 8,500 people who would otherwise not have access to music education.

The  MacPhail music opportunities at Pacelli would not be possible without the generous fiscal support of the Hormel Foundation. A separate entity from Hormel Foods Corp., The Hormel Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1941 by Hormel Foods Corporation founder George A. Hormel and his son, Jay C. Hormel.  Contributions from the Hormel Foundation directly benefit the Austin area.

Pacelli Catholic Schools is grateful for the positive impact that MacPhail Center for Music and the Hormel Foundation have in developing the musical skills and appreciation of our students.

If you are interested in learning more about Pacelli Catholic Schools and the Pacelli preschool program visit our website at, email or call 507-437-3278.  There are still a limited number of spots available in the Pacelli preschool classes.