Letter: Hayfield School District 203: It’s our time to prosper

Published 8:16 am Friday, August 18, 2017

Our communities in the Hayfield School District have weathered many challenges in the past couple of years.  As we reflect on the impact of change, I ask each of you to consider the opportunity we have in front of us to improve the Hayfield School for our children and all who passionately work with them.

Years of effort and introspection about the physical and operational condition of the school structure have been discussed.  Now is the time to proactively support the modifications proposed to improve our school by voting “YES to the Referendum Vote” on Sept. 11!

The establishment of the “Hayfield 203 Foundation” is just one example of our communities sticking together and creating a vision of excellence for our entire school district.  Let’s keep the positive momentum going. Voting “yes” on Sept. 11 will enable our school district and the communities it serves to flourish.  Let’s not wait – let’s do this togethernow!  Vote “yes”!

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Lisa Bungum

Sargeant, Minn.