Brownsdale man facing weapons, drug charges; Guns, knives, sword and more in felon’s home, deputies say

Published 8:31 am Friday, August 4, 2017

A Brownsdale man was charged in Mower County District Court on Thursday after Mower County deputies allegedly found several weapons and drugs in his residence.

William Howard Grever, 52, was charged with two counts of felony violent felon in possession of a firearm, felony violent felon in possession of ammunition and felony fifth-degree drug possession.

According to the court report, Mower County deputies were called to the Vista Village Mobile Home Park at 11:42 p.m. on Tuesday. A woman said that Grever was “going nuts” and running around the park with a machete. He stood in front of a trailer in the 200 block yelling for the resident to come outside, then returned to his residence in the 100 block, she said. She also said she believed he had a firearm in his residence.

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A deputy arrived at the scene and took Grever
into custody.

Grever denied walking around with a machete, telling the deputy he had been with a neighbor before the deputy arrived. When the deputy asked why someone would report that he was walking around with a machete, Grever said a resident was scared he found out he was sleeping with Grever’s wife. A neighbor told deputies that Grever believed several men in the community were sleeping with his wife.

Grever denied that he wanted to hurt anyone.

The court report said Grever changed his story and admitted he had walked to the trailer in the 200 block and returned home when he saw the resident was not home. He denied having a weapon and repeated “they are trying to get me into trouble to get me out of the way” so the man could continue sleeping with Grever’s wife.

Grever then told the deputy that he had a long flashlight that “looks like a bat” with him when he went to the 200 block.

Another witness said Grever had a flashlight and a long knife that had brass knuckles built into the handle when he stood in front of the trailer.

Another witness said she saw Grever with a “silver pipe” in his hand and that he would not respond when she asked what he was doing.

Deputies obtained a search warrant for Grever’s trailer. While they waited, Grever asked to speak to Brownsdale Police Chief Carley Grunewald. Grever told Grunewald he had a black 9 mm handgun in his living room. Grever was then arrested due to his status as a violent criminal.

Deputies searched Grever’s residence and found:

•A Ruger 9 mm pistol with magazine containing 14 rounds of ammunition;

•Two Ruger magazines with 34 rounds of ammunition;

•A Ruger pistol holster;

•Throwing knives;

•A trench knife;

•A KA-BAR style fighting knife;

•A set of brass knuckles;

•Several hatchets;

•A samurai sword;

•A dagger;

•A Springfield AR-15 assault rifle;

•Three AR-15 magazines with 88 rounds of .223 caliber ammunition;

•A large flashlight;

• $3,930 in cash;

•A flare gun and flares;

•63.5 grams of marijuana;

•Two marijuana pipes;

•Two pellet guns;

•One round of nine-millimeter ammunition;

•One round of .223 caliber ammunition.

Grever is scheduled to appear in court again on Aug. 17.