Scouting out the Hormel’s home

Published 8:01 am Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Hormel Historic Home receives tour guests of all ages and demographics, and we enjoy learning about them as much as we enjoy telling them about our history. A group of Girl Scouts visited this week which is special because George and Lillian cared about that organization so much that they remembered them in George’s last will and testament with an annual financial donation.

Our young visitors from the Southland troop enjoyed a tour of the home and were encouraged to create a flower arrangement using empty Spam® cans and silk flowers. One girl had been here for a wedding reception, but most were visiting for the first time. They were curious and energetic about the home and appeared to enjoy looking around.

As mentioned many times before, the Hormel’s wanted their home to be used by the community. The YWCA carried out that mission well for women of all ages including the sponsoring of both junior and senior Girl Scouts. Our archives include many accounts of Girl Scouts using the Y for meetings and special functions.

Another group sponsored by the YWCA was the Junior Business Girls, who, during the organization’s first summer occupying the Hormel Home, gave special recognition to the Hormel family for the generous gift of their home.

In July, 1928, members of the Junior Business Girls recited the following rhyme at a conference at Lake Okoboji:

“This little pig went to market,

This little pig went to Rome,

This little pig went to the Hormel Plant,

To help make a Y.W. Home”

Three of the group members demonstrated how to fry Dairy Brand link sausage which was a popular product of the time. The group dressed in costumes of green and white, the Hormel colors, which consisted of a green blouse, a white skirt, white hose and white cap, and a white band with “Austin” in green letters worn across the blouse front. There were there to represent the community and the history they were so proud of.

As much as we like telling stories of life in the Hormel home, we also like hearing stories from our guests. People come for many different reasons and they often leave us with a bit of themselves. For the next few weeks, I will share stories of those who cross our threshold. Family reunions, car clubs, or cross country travelers, we welcome all to listen to our story and to share their own.

Peace Garden Concert: Lehto and Wright 

6:30 p.m., Thursday, July 6

Free concert featuring Lehto and Wright performing modern interpretations of traditional Celtic and American folk music. The musicians bring a fresh approach to the world of folk and folk rock. Bring a chair and enjoy the HHH. Event will be held indoors if it rains.

Peace Garden Concert: Mac & Reino

6:30 p.m., Thursday, July 13

Local acoustic duo of Casey McIntyre and Jeff Reinartz will perform with a focus on Americana and rock and roll. Mac & Reino provide entertainment for all. Bring a chair and enjoy the HHH.  Event will be held indoors if it rains.