Letter: The school lunch program needs to be changed

Published 7:30 am Friday, June 30, 2017

My great-grandson is a student at Neveln Elementary. He is a paying lunch student. The last full week of school he was short one ticket. The lunch staff gave him a peanut butter sandwich. Now I see the kid is not going to starve, but there is something wrong with this system.

By the schools own account, 60 percent of the students eat free, and not only during the school year, but all summer long.

This kid’s parents both work and pay for lunches — and also pay for the free lunches — yet he was denied a hot lunch. This is completely insane.

All the kids should eat free. Don’t penalize the families for staying off the welfare system.

If the school lunch budget is that tight, they are in trouble anyways.

Change it.

Ron Clark, Austin