The Arc Minnesota advocacy helps secure passage of autism bill

Published 2:51 pm Saturday, May 20, 2017

As a result of The Arc Minnesota’s advocacy, the Minnesota House recently approved HF919/ SF562 to expand benefits to individuals with autism and related conditions.

This bill is meant to modify the 2013 law surrounding intensive treatment for children with autism. Sponsored by Rep. Roz Peterson and Sen. Jim Abeler, this bill will extend Early Intensive Developmental and Behavioral Intervention (EIDBI) to 21-year-olds as well as children with other qualifying conditions.

Other benefits of the bill include: coverage of individualized treatment plans, training for parents and caregivers, monitoring of treatment plans, and evaluations of treatment goals. The bill passed the Senate in March by a 66-0 vote and passed the House this week by a 131-0 vote. The bill was recently signed by Gov. Mark Dayton.

The Arc Minnesota Public Policy Conference Call

•Noon to 1 p.m. on Monday. To call in, dial: 1-877-463-1999; Code: 10236

Conference Call Agenda:

No. 1: Federal Issues:  American Health Care Act, Medicaid, Social Security/Supplemental Security Income

No. 2: 2017 Legislative Session

No. 3: 2017 Public Policy Priorities:  Best Life Alliance   SF 669/HF 873, Raising MA Income and Asset Standards   SF 250/HF 225, Consumer Directed Community Supports   SF 1065/HF 1445, Parental Fees   SF 807/HF 1182, Employment Services   SF 1055/HF 1239, MSA Housing Assistance   SF 853/HF 865, SAM Funding   SF 664/HF 851, Incentive Pool   SF 911/HF 1061, State Quality Council, Children’s Coalition/Education Issues, Other

No. 4: Statewide Committee Updates:  State Quality Council/Regional Quality Councils

No. 5: Grassroots Activities:  Medicaid Action Plan

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