Letter: A sweeping wave of migrants

Published 4:17 pm Friday, May 5, 2017

The migrant and refugee wave sweeps the globe, erasing Europe and America. The border to the United States- or what is left of it- is only thought of when the media accidentally makes mention of it or some rare public figure speaks of it. Meanwhile the climate continually leads international summits as the imminent danger most potent and deadly threat for all- unless we can somehow magically control it.

At the same time the Iranians chant directly into our face their longstanding intent to murder each and every woman and child in America and Israel, and we nod and sign over checks, giving them billions to do it.

And the pretend political parties and our three branches of government blend into one detrimental entity. The Iran “treaty” requires no approval from the American people or their supposed representatives, just as the nationalizing of health care required no support from Congress or the citizens.

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International bodies area at work with great momentum as liberty and sovereignty disappear somehow seemingly without notice or fanfare. The carnivals and sideshows roll on as America silently crumbles.

Paul Westrum,

Albert Lea