Hayfield boys and girls take second in home track and field meet

Published 6:14 pm Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Hayfield boys and girls each took second place out of four teams at the Hayfield track and field invite Monday.

Katrina Thoe won the discus and shot put for the Hayfield girls and Trey Chatman won the discus and shot put for the Viking boys.


1. Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 101; 2. Hayfield 83; 3. Blooming Prairie 62; 4. Lyle-Pacelli 15

4 x 800-meter relay: Alec Ille, Riley Millam, Samuel Skillestad, Cameron Kubista (BP) (first, 9:11.55)

110-meter hurdles: Jacob Reynolds (H) (second, 19.06)

100-meter dash: Suton Schultz (H) (first, 12.09); Patrick Murphy (LP) (second, 12.10)

1600-meter run: Cameron Kubista (BP) (first, 5:06.95); Jesse Schewe (second, 5:15.89)

400-meter dash: Elijah Baker (BP) (first, 53.40); Lakota Minto (LP) (second, 55.79)

300-meter hurdles: Jacob Reynolds (H) (second, 53.50)

800-meter run: Isaac Ille (BP) (second, 2:18.58)

200-meter dash: Patrick Murphy (LP) (second, 25.16)

3200-meter run: Riley Millam (BP) (first, 13:02.90)

high jump: Steven Miner (H) (first, 5-8)

pole vault: Noah Klocke (H) (second, 9-6)

long jump: Sutton Schultz (H) (first, 18-9); Zach Weber (BP) (second, 17-11.50)

triple jump: Steven Miner (H) (first, 37-9); Sutton Schultz (second, 36-5.50)

shot put: Trey Chatman (H) (first, 46-2); Anthony Johnston (H) (second, 42-3)

discus: Trey Chatman (H) (first, 145-1); Anthony Johnston (H) (second, 122-7)


1. WEM 101; 2. Hayfield 74; 3. BP 66; 4 .LP 12

100-meter hurdles: Rachael Oswald (BP) (first, 19.18); Greta Sunde (BP) (second, 19.68)

100-meter dash: Rachel Nelsen (LP) (second, 13.45)

4 x 200-meter relay: Hannah Tempel, Lila Gronseth, Alexandra Louks, Abby Stasko (H) (first, 1:55.35)

1600-meter run: Allison Pryor (BP) (first, 6:11.60)

4 x 100-meter relay: Jayde Wacek, Gemini Johnson, Kylie Forystek, Abby Braaten (BP) (first, 56.02)

400-meter dash: Abby Stasko (H) (first, 1:04.92)

300-meter hurdles: Miranda Steinfadt (H) (second, 52.37)

800-meter run: Taylor Wurst (BP) (first, 2:40.10); Caitlyn Severson (H) (second, 2:42.35)

200-meter dash: Rachel Nelsen (LP) (second, 27.63)

3 x 400-meter relay: Abby Stasko, Alexandra Louks, Hannah Tempel, Sam Wurst (BP) (second, 4:50.48)

high jump: Sam Wurst (BP) (first, 4-10)

pole vault: Kalli Jo Klocke (H) (second, 9-0)

long jump: Rachael Oswald (BP) (second, 14-11.50)

shot put: Katrina Thoe (H) (first, 32-10); Lila Gronseth (second, 30-9)

discus: Katrina Thoe (H) (first, 112-0); Lila Gronseth (H) (second, 96-1)