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GMLOKS boys and girls win SEC track and field invite

The GMLOKS boys and girls took first at the SEC track and field meet in Grand Meadow Tuesday.

Peter Torkelson took first in the 400-meter dash, the 1600-meter run and the 3200-meter run for the GMLOKS boys and Lauren Buchholtz won the 200-meter dash and 400-meter dash for the GMLOKS girls.

Kayla Christopherson took first in the 1600-meter run and 3200-meter run for Lyle-Pacelli.


Team results: 1. GMLOKS 109; 2. Lanesboro-FC 99; 3. Schaeffer Academy 33; 4. Lyle-Pacell 27

110-meter hurdles: Drew Lewison (GMLOKS) (first, 15.75)

100-meter dash: Christophor Bain (GMLOKS) (FIRST, 11.31)

1600-meter run: Peter Torkelson (GMLOKS) (first, 4:39.76); Mason Heimer (GMLOKS) (second, 4:51.37)

4 x 100-meter relay: Christopher Romero, Drew Lewison, Trever Kelly, Christophor Bain (GMLOKS)

(first, 45.76)

400-meter dash: Peter Torkelson (GMLOKS) (first, 53.11)

300-meter hurdles: Drew Lewison (GMLOKS) (first, 42.77)

800-meter run: Mason Heimer (GMLOKS) (first, 2:07.85)

200-meter dash: Christophor Bain (GMLOKS) (first, 23.60)

3200-meter run: Peter Torkelson (GMLOKS) (first, 10:36.26)

long jump: Christophor Bain (GMLOKS) (second, 18-8)

triple jump: Nathan Drees (LP) (first, 34-8); Thomas Shaw (GMLOKS) (second, 33-0)

discus: Ian Meisner (GMLOKS) (first, 125-5)

shot put: Patrick Murphy (GMLOKS) (first, 44-0)


Team results: 1. GMLOKS 135; 2. Lanesboro-FC 90; 3. Lyle-Pacelli 24; 4. Schaeffer Academy 14

100-meter hurdles: Hailey Hindt (GMLOKS) (first, 16.92); Katelyn Luthe (GMLOKS) (second, 17.01)

100-meter dash: Emily Hovden (GMLOKS) (first, 12.89); Kassidy Kirtz (GMLOKS) (second, 13.12)

4 x 200-meter relay: Lauren Buchholtz, Emily Hovden, Kateln Luthe, Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (first, 1:48.40)

1600-meter run: Kayla Christopherson (LP) (first, 5:34.94)

4 x 100-meter relay: Emily Hovden, Kassidy Kirtz, Isabelle Olson, Katelyn Luthe (GMLOKS) (first, 51.27)

400-meter dash: Lauren Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (first, 1:00.17); Amelia State (GMLOKS) (second, 1:00.23)

300-meter hurdles: Hailey Hindt (GMLOKS) (second, 53.60)

800-meter run: Amelia Staat (GMLOKS) (first, 2:33.21)

200-meter dash: Lauren Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (first, 26.73)

3200-meter run: Kayla Christopherson (LP) (first, 12:08.18)

high jump: Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (first, 5-0); Hailey Hindt (GMLOKS) (second, 4-8)

long jump: Kassidy Kirtz (GMLOKS) (second, 14-11)

triple jump: Jordyn Glynn (GMLOKS) (first, 31-9.25)

discus: Nicole Lee (GMLOKS) (first, 98-4)

shot put: Madison Reiland (GMLOKS) (first, 29-5)