Pacelli names poster contest winners

Published 7:57 am Thursday, April 27, 2017

By Jean McDermott

Pacelli President

Pacelli School students were recently recognized and awarded prizes by Ryan Bickler, representative of the Knights of Columbus Drug and Alcohol Awareness/Abuse Poster contest.

Poster contest winners were:

Age 12-14 Drug Awareness and Abuse, Nathan Schmidt, first place, $30; Shelby Jenkins, second place, $20; Neha Nanda, third place,$10.

Age 12-14 Alcohol Awareness and Abuse, Caitlin Drees, first place, $30; Iris Rodriguez, second place, $20, and Maddison Hoesing, third place, $10.

Age 8-11 Drug Awareness and Abuse, Grant Marreel, first place, $30; Lydia Drees, second place, $20; and Ella Schultz, third place, $10.

Age 8-11 Alcohol Awareness and Abuse, Camila Morales, first place, $30; Lexi Lewis, second place, $20; and Calvin Nuss, third place, $10.

Congratulations to all of the participants and poster contest winners. Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for sponsoring this activity.

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