Carolyn Dube excited for new opportunity; Anxious to start new role as school board readies for the year

Published 10:36 am Thursday, January 5, 2017

There was a time when Carolyn Dube knew Austin High School as the place from which she graduated, back in 1997.

But today, it has a different dynamic: It is the place where a new school board career begins.

The 38-year-old Austin mom of three children participated in her first meeting on the Austin School Board on Wednesday, where she also took the oath of office during the board’s organizational meeting.

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“I am anxious to start my new role,” she said.

Dube has some good experiences with which to start. A teacher who has had experience at all grade levels, she is today curriculum director for Capella University. She and her husband, Todd, a counselor at Cornerstone Church, moved from Phoenix, Arizona back to Dube’s hometown four years ago.

She is excited to be working in her own home district that she says is among the best in the state for its range of help to students of all abilities, from special needs to gifted and talented.

“Austin does what it needs to do to help the most kids,” she said.

Dube won the seat left open by Mary Jane Kestner, who opted not to run for another term.

She said she expected that the 45-15 school year, now in place at Sumner Elementary School and the associated Woodson Kindergarten Center classes, to come before the board again for expansion to other schools.

While she believes the year-round concept (45 days in school, 15 days off, for four quarters) to have educational merit, she also knows that people are concerned with disruption to daycare and summer schedules.

“All are valid points,” she said. “The issue is the one I hear most often from parents.”

She also expects the board to address the continual need for school building and technology upkeep.

She sees an overall mission for the board to continually try to answer the question, “how do we help students in all grades, in K-12, be prepared to contribute to society; to have all the tools and resources to be successful?”

“I’m really excited,” she said. “I’m ready to go.”


The board on Wednesday once again elected Angie Goetz as its chairwoman. The board also elected Kathy Green as its vice-chairwoman and Dick Lees will serve as clerk. Don Leathers will again be treasurer.

The board designated the Austin Daily Herald as its legal newspaper.

The board also agreed to form a subcommittee of Green, Leathers, Superintendent of Schools Dave Krenz, Executive Director of Finance and Operations Mark Stotts, and Human Resources Director Mark Raymond, to look at options for board members to purchase district health insurance. The subcommittee will also look at board member compensation, which has not changed from its $3,600 per year level since 1990. A motion by Leathers to increase the compensation to $4,000 a year died for lack of a second.