Senior center to hold final picnic in the lot

Published 7:01 am Sunday, October 16, 2016

At noon on Wednesday is our last picnic in the lot for the year.

This year we moved our picnic to the west side of the building for a more protected area. Plus, there is easy access to the dining room just in case the weather does not cooperate.

We will be having your choice of hamburger, brat or hotdog, potato salad, chips and dessert for only $5. No need to sign up; just follow your nose and join us.

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On Friday is a potato bar in the coffee shop. You will get a baked potato with all the fixings and cream of broccoli soup for $5. Afterward join us for a free jewelry-making class at 2 p.m. on Friday. Sara’s sister Lisa and niece Chloe will be here to show you the latest techniques in making jewelry.

If you have some beads at home or want to make ear rings to go with that special outfit, come prepared. There will be all materials available if you would like help making your own. There will be a nominal fee for materials we provide. Please sign up for this fun class by stopping by the front desk or calling 507-433-2370.

You may not be old now, but if you’re lucky, one day you will be. We look forward to seeing you at our many programs at the Mower County Senior Center.

Don’t forget our coffee shop where every day you can have homemade soup for $1 and sandwich for 50 center. On Tuesday we will be serving tator tot hotdish for only $2.

Upcoming Events

Monday: Bone Builders, 9 a.m.; Blood pressure checks, 9 a.m.; Walking Club, 9 a.m.; Cards (Pinochle, Duplicate Bridge), 12:30 p.m.; Exercise w/Evie’s Friends, 1 p.m.

Tuesday: Silver Sneakers, 8:15 a.m.; Exercise w/Evies Friends, 9 a.m.; Tator tot hotdish, 11:30 a.m.; Cards (Pinochle, Duplicate Bridge, 500), 12:30 p.m.; Life Long Learners 2 p.m.

Wednesday: Wood Carvers, 8:30 a.m.; Tai Chi,  9 a.m.; Walking Club, 9 a.m.; Picnic in the lot, noon; Weight Watchers, 12:15 p.m.; Cards (Duplicate Bridge, Pinochle, Cribbage), 12:30 p.m.; Stitching Bees, 1 p.m.; Open chess, 1 p.m.; AMP Class, 2 p.m.; Weight Watchers, 5:30 p.m.

Thursday: Silver Sneakers 8:15 a.m.; Exercise w/Evies Friends, 9 a.m.; Caregivers Support Group, 10:30 a.m.; Cards (Pinochle), 12:30 p.m.; Bingo and open chess, 1 p.m.; Zumba, 5:45 p.m

Friday: Bone Builders, 9 a.m.; Potato Bar, 11:30 a.m.; Cards (500, Duplicate Bridge, Pinochle, Cribbage), 12:30 p.m.; Jewelry class, 2 p.m.; Ping Pong, 3 p.m.

Weekly Card Results

Monday Bridge

Oct. 3, two tables

1st Quentin Fiala, 2nd John Karnes, 3rd Mary Johnsen, 4th David Solomonson, 5th Millie Seiver

Tuesday Duplicate Bridge

Oct. 4, six and a half tables

1st Teresa Baldus, 1st Harriet Oldenburg;

2nd Gail Schmidt, 2nd Ray Schmidt; 3rd Bill Momsen

3rd Larry Crowe, 4th Vandy Newman, 4th Bud Higgins, 4th Millie Seiver, 4th Joyce crowe; 6th Gene Muchow, 6th Ron Peters

Tuesday 500

Oct. 4, three tables

1st Gene Rauen, 2nd Barb Dickman, 3rd Wayne Freitag, 4th Quentin Fiala

Friday Bridge

Oct. 7, two tables

1st Quentin Fiala, 2nd Millie Seiver, 3rd Mary Johnsen, 4th Lois Johnson, 5th Anne Dvorak

Wednesday Duplicate Bridge

No Results


No Results

Wednesday Cribbage

No Results

Friday 500

Oct. 7, four tables

1st Sally Michels, 2nd Dorvan Rickert, 3rd Gene Rauen, 4th Russ Vaale